I haven’t posted in a while, not that anyone would be interested in the musings of an average , typical 15 year old.
Sadly, I don’t have anyone whom I can truly confide in. My life’s like an ice berg- all on the top, but none within. I have a family, a few good people whom I can really count on and one solid best friend. But sometimes, some things occur in life which you choose to keep bottled up inside you. Until you feel suffocated and feel the need to vent. The need to pop the bottle and let go of everything on your chest.
I know this is pretty sadistic coming from a 15 year old , but I feel so confused of life. It’s like I’m scared. Unfortunately, I’ve gone through many hardships at home. You could say, everything is pretty complicated. Over these past 15 years, I’ve gone through a lot which still makes me cringe in horror. Think and over think. But one incident flipped my whole world upside down. My whole world shattered into pieces. The one who I trusted the most betrayed me, confirmed my worst suspicions. That I day I learnt a really very important lesson- Trust is indeed expensive.
Ever since that day, things haven’t been normal. I’ve been suffering from anxiety attacks. They can get really horrid. All the nightmares within me, attack me physically.
Sometimes it can get as worse as being under the feeling of an attack for a whole day. I’m adamant about not sharing this with anyone. Most people would Think I am just over reacting and making a big hype about this.
Can anybody help me?
It’d be really great
I’m sorry if Being a spike of negativity to your happy bubble. Well, at least I got a little load off my chest.


You’re perfect just the way you are

It’s human tendency to degrade your own self and constantly compare yourself with others. Comparing yourself with others is just pointless because every person on this planet is different, unique and beautiful in their own way. Like snowflakes and finger prints, no two humans are alike in their thought process and personality. You should remember that. Everyone has a different story to tell. Everyone has different talents. Find out your talents and spend time to nurture them. Be you. Be original. You’re one of a kind and nothing’s going to change that, ever. You’re blessed with a unique identity. Live up to that.

Know yourself

In our life time, we are going to come across various people of different kinds who intrigue us. Our life is full of connections and human relations. It’s based on knowing the people around us. We tend to delve really deep into the lives of others. We find the need to know every single detail about them be it their fears, their strengths, their weaknesses, their aim in life blabla. But has the thought about knowing yourself completely ever crossed your mind? Sit down and think. What are YOUR strengths? What are YOUR weaknesses? What are YOUR thoughts towards certain issues? In all this hooplah about knowing others and keeping a tab on others lives, we tend to neglect ourselves. Wise are those who know themselves inside out. Only when you completely know yourself can you know others completely. Knowing yourself is also important because no matter what, YOU are always going to be there for yourself. Try it. Sit it out and think about yourself. Try to learn more about yourself. Your flaws, your perfections. Only when you know yourself thoroughly can you really set out to know more about others.

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky


Shine bright like a diamond and see the magic. Yes. I do believe in magic. Dreams are magic. If you have the courage to dream big and the power to chase those dreams, you’re magician enough. Just have faith in yourself and God. Remember that even if you don’t have anyone to help you get back during the worst times while chasing this ultimate dream of yours,you have yourself and God, the strongest team ever in this Universe. Nothing,nothing can come in between you and your dream. You have God to look after you. In your quest to conquer your dream, there is absolutely no room for negativity. You are in charge of what weighs you down and what makes you happy. During all times, good or bad, God will be there to help you fulfil your dream. Go forth, my beloved dreamer. Dream like there’s no tomorrow. Chase your dreams. Conquer them. And then, inspire others. Teach them the art of dreaming. You’re unique and don’t you ever forget that. Muah ♥